Childbirth Education

Knowledge is power!  Learn how to manifest the birth you desire and navigate your options with confidence.

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Doula Services

A doula provides continuous emotional and physical support through labor, birth and beyond.

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Prenatal Yoga

Prepare the body and mind for labor with the ancient practice of Yoga.  Learn breathing techniques, positions for labor and birth, mindfulness and build deep connections.

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Give Birth with Intention

Intentional Birth  is dedicated to empowering families by integrating evidence based education, traditional yoga and meditation during the transformations of pregnancy, birth and beyond.  When we prioritize self care we thrive in our life and within our community.

Together we plant the seeds of compassion, love and connection from the first stages of life.  God, Goddess, Spirit, Universal Consciousness, Source, whatever you want to call it, lives in and all around us.  This is a mysterious and powerful force.  Practice connecting with the infinite powers of creation and you could have an ecstatic birth transformation.

You are intelligent and powerful.  You deserve the birth you desire.


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