Yoga means "union" in sanskrit.  Union with the body, mind, spirit and divine forces of nature.  The forces organizing all of the chaos. We may never fully understand this natural force but we can feel it.  We can experience it and see it with magnificent landscapes and the circle of life and from the rearranging of atoms out to the expansive galaxies.  Yoga is a science that helps us tune into the force of nature connecting us to all this is and all that is around us.

Prenatal Yoga

Prepare the body and mind for labor and delivery using ancient yoga philosophy and techniques.  Practice ways to make space in the body and to strengthen the mind.  Some of the postures will require endurance while others generate relaxation.  Enhance the connection between you and your baby surrounded by Mothers on a similar journey.

Saturday 11:30-12:45

Drop in $14 (class cards available)

Mom & Baby Yoga

More than a restorative yoga class.  This is a place to turn for community and support.  Life transformations are never easy and having a new baby is one that should never be done alone.  As we share our triumphs and struggles we will also practice mindful body posture that supports the recovering postpartum body.  This is not a class about getting "back" in shape...its a restorative class about getting into the shape we are.

Thursday 11:00-12:15

Drop in $14 (class cards available)

Family Yoga

Not your ordinary Yoga class!  Children are naturals when it comes to living in the moment.  They have yet to develop the analytical overthinking part of the brain allowing their imaginations to be ever expansive!  It this class expect to have fun.  We sing, dance and take wild adventures.  Leave your worry about what others will think at the door and experience yoga as a Family.  This class is designed for families with children ages 3-6.  Older and younger siblings are welcome.


Drop in $18 or all 4 classes $65

Class Location...

Classes are held at the beautiful North Portland studio Shanti Om Yoga 7334 N. Chicago Ave. Portland, OR 97203